Automobile enthusiasts and road explorers will find that the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class, X156 [Redesign], stands as a symbol of engineering excellence, appealing to both the eye and the spirit. Manufactured from 2017 to 2020, this crossover 5-door wonder, boasting a trim of 200 D 7G-DCT 4Matic, exudes power, class, and supreme performance. Set in a crossover body type featuring five beautifully designed seats, its robust structure simplifies life on the road and provides the freedom to explore various terrains without hesitation.

At the heart of this beast lies a diesel engine that uses common rail injection, ensuring efficient fuel supply and combustion. It comprises an inline cylinder layout featuring four cylinders, with each cylinder housing four impressive valves. This formation contributes to the vehicle’s smooth and efficient operation, making every drive a pleasure. Boosted by a turbo, it further enhances performance by promoting better airflow and enabling a more efficient combustion process. At an engine turnover of maximum torque RPM of 3000, this Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class category emits an optimal blend of performance and comfort.

To further amplify the power, this vehicle has an engine HP of 136, which it attains at 4000 RPM. In terms of power distribution, this beast operates on an all-wheel-drive system, enabling enhanced stability and better traction control, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging road conditions. Additionally, it has a 7-gear transmission that is robot-operated, making gear changes swift and seamless. The vehicle’s fuel tank has a capacity of 13G, while its diesel fuel grade guarantees extended driving experiences. With its back suspension of independent, multi-wishbone spring type, the car ensures your ride is comfortable and smooth even on rough terrains. Its acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 15 seconds and top speed of 124 mph, further attest to its outstanding performance.

In conclusion, the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class from 2017 to 2020 offers an exhilarating driving experience combined with superior performance and comfort, showcasing the exceptional engineering that the brand is known for worldwide. This diesel-engine crossover is a fantastic choice for those who desire a car that expertly blends luxury and performance.

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