Mercedes-Benz, a brand synonymous with luxury and sophistication, pushed the barriers of creativity and innovation with the release of its first generation X-Class pickup. From 2017 to 2020, the X-Class became a buzz in the automobile industry, boasting an impressive combination of rugged performance and opulent comfort that was a rarity in pickup models. A prominent model in this series was the X 250 D 7G-Tronic Plus.

In any vehicle, a powerful engine is the heart that keeps it running and performing magnificently. The Mercedes Benz X-Class featured an inline four-cylinder common rail injection type diesel engine. Fuel efficiency did not compromise performance, with four valves per cylinder, a cylinder bore of 3.315 inches, and a stroke cycle of 3.939mm providing a potent heart for the robust pickup. A biturbo engine gives the X-Class a significant boost, and an intercooler further enhances the vehicle’s performance.

Inside its engine, the X-Class churns out a commendable 190 horsepower at 3750 RPM, while the peak torque comes alive at 2500 RPM. The pickup runs on mercedes-benz-e-class-w123-1975-1986-aicontent/” title=”[aicontent] Write this as a title "Mercedes-Benz E-Class W123 (1975 – 1986)"[/aicontent]”>rear wheel drive and boasts an automatic transmission with seven gears, offering smooth cruise on the road, no matter the terrain. With an engine capacity of 0.081152664 ft3, this pickup is built to handle heavy lifting with finesse. Although the fuel tank capacity remains undisclosed, it runs efficiently on diesel fuel. The X 250 D 7G-Tronic Plus is equipped with a sophisticated multi-link wishbone, helical springs for the back suspension, adding to the smooth ride and off-road capabilities of the X-Class.

All these technical specifications blend together to create a vehicle that is quintessentially Mercedes-Benz; a combination of power, luxury, and dependability. It’s no wonder that the brand’s foray into the pickup segment with the X 250 D 7G-Tronic Plus won them accolades from critics and customers alike. Even though the production of this model ended in 2020, its legacy continues to inspire and impact the world of luxury pickups. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class set a benchmark for future models and redefined what it means to be a x-class-x-350-d-7g-tronic-plus-4matic-a-diesel-engine-pick-up-that-transcends-expectations-2017-2020/” title=”Discover the Power and Elegance of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class X 350 D 7G-Tronic Plus 4Matic: A diesel Engine Pick-up that Transcends Expectations (2017-2020)”>luxury pickup truck. It is a testament to Mercedes-Benz’s ability to penetrate and excel in every segment of the automobile industry, adding a touch of luxury to every road it conquers.

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