The Mercedes-Benz Citan, of the W415 generation, produced from 2012 to 2020, is a top-tier minivan that stands out for its premium features and significant capabilities. The vehicle showcases the distinct Mercedes-Benz design aesthetics as it portrays a classy ambience and possesses superb functionality. It does an impressive job of balancing utility and comfort, with great features for both driver and passengers. Characterized by the 111 CDi L2 MT trim, this minivan is designed to offer a smooth and relaxed drive and fits up to 5 seats comfortably, catering perfectly for larger families or people who value spacious interiors.

The engineering of the Citan speaks volume of Mercedes-Benz’s attention to detailed mechanical construction. Housed under the hood of the Citan is a powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine, that works on the Common Rail Injection system. This inline arrangement is turbo-boosted and features 4 valves per cylinder, proving the capacity to deliver a robust performance. The engine boasts a bore of 2.964 inches and stroke cycle of 3.12 mm, perfect for those who enjoy the feeling of power and control. With a turnover of maximum torque rpm at 2750, the engine executes 110hp at 4000 rpm, suitable for everything from city driving to long highway trips.

The mechanics of the Mercedes-Benz Citan also extends into impressive details regarding its handling dynamics and capabilities. It is equipped with a front-wheel-drive system and paired with a manual 6-gear transmission. This drive train configuration assures the driver more control over the vehicle’s handling while the semi-dependent back suspension adds to the overall comfort. Despite its size, the fuel efficiency of this minivan is commendable, thanks to optimized fuel use – it operates on diesel. Finally, to ensure that long journeys are smooth and without interruptions, it houses a large 17-gallon fuel tank. With these distinguishing features and advanced engineering, it’s clear that the Mercedes-Benz Citan is designed to prioritize both comfort and performance.

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