The Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204/S204 series, specifically the C 250 Cgi Blueefficiency At trim, is a model that combines luxury, speed, and efficiency in one intricate package. Produced between 2007 and 2012, this four-door sedan typifies the upscale elegance that defines the Mercedes-Benz brand. Despite its refined appearance, the C 250 does not shy away from power. It comes with a gasoline engine fitted with direct injection technology, ensuring maximum fuel efficiency and reliable performance, perfect for both urban commuting and long trips.

Under the hood lies an inline four-cylinder turbo engine that has redefined efficiency in the automotive industry. The engine’s design boasts 4 valves per cylinder, contributing to the car’s impressive horsepower of 204Hp at 5500 RPM. This robust engine is augmented by the presence of an intercooler, which optimizes performance by cooling the air entering the engine, therefore significantly increasing its density. The engine’s direct injection technology enhances fuel efficiency by injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber, a feature that when combined with the cylinder dimensions of 3.198-inch bore and a 3.315mm stroke cycle, delivers potent power.

The C 250 Cgi Blueefficiency At not only offers power but also speed. With a top speed of 149 mph, it also features a commendable acceleration ability, achieving 0 to 60 mph in just 12 seconds. The rear-wheel-drive configuration ensures a balanced drive, with the majority of the car’s weight distributed evenly over the back and front wheels, offering enhanced stability and superior control. For smooth, effortless shifting, the Mercedes C 250 comes equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission and a generous fuel tank capacity of 17 gallons.

The suspension system is worth mentioning, as it has independent, multi-wishbone, spring, stabilizer bar set up at the back. This suspension configuration is key to the car’s smooth ride and impressive handling as it effectively absorbs most road imperfections, leading to comfortable and bump-free rides for its five passengers. This is a car that succeeds in marrying comfort with performance, truly a testament to Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to delivering top-tier driving experiences.

The C 250 Cgi Blueefficiency At is a true demonstration of Mercedes-Benz’s automotive prowess, offering a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and efficiency. This vehicle stands proud against its competitors, serving as a symbol of the high-quality engineering and sophisticated design practice that Mercedes-Benz has earned a reputation for. Whether it’s the smooth drives, the authoritative engine power, or the upscale design, this car is truly an embodiment of fine German automobile engineering.

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