The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class C117 Sedan, conceptualized and crafted between 2016 and 2020, is an engineering marvel that elegantly combines speed, comfort and design — all the qualities a car enthusiast looks for in a well-balanced vehicle. The car was born out of a dedication to style and function, resulting from Mercedes-Benz’s continuous commitment to deliver excellence. This model stands out for its refined aesthetics and impressive powertrain, which feature an All Wheel Drive (AWD) with a 2.0 AMT trim, promising an engaging driving experience both on and off the road.

Under the hood, the CLA-Class C117 carries a robust petrol engine designed for efficient performance. The engine consists of 4 inline cylinders with 4 valves per cylinder, boasting a horsepower of 184 at 5500 RPM, making it effortlessly powerful. The direct injection injection type enhances fuel economy, making for a more sustainable motoring experience. The light and compact design of the engine also helps enhance the car’s weight distribution and balance, further resulting in smooth and responsive handling. Additionally, the presence of a turbine in the engine setup boosts power, enabling the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class to reach a top speed of an impressive 149 mph.

The CLA-Class C117 also comes equipped with a sophisticated 7-gear robotic transmission, ensuring seamless gear shifts and superior driving comfort. The full drive wheels further enhance the car’s grip and control, even at high speeds or in challenging driving conditions. To complement the powerful engine and transmission system, the sedan also features an independent spring back suspension, promising an effortless ride and excellent road handling. Designed with a capacity of 0.070311121 cubic feet and sporting a spacious 5-seater arrangement, the sedan also offers a plush, comfortable interior, making it a luxurious choice for both short city drives and long highway excursions. From its inception in Germany, this contemporary vehicle showcases Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to luxury, performance, and world-class manufacturing excellence.

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