The Mercedes-Benz Cla-Class C117 [Redesign] that was produced from 2016 to 2020 signifies advancement in auto-engineering with its indispensable properties. The Shooting Brake Wagon Series with a 5-door wagon body fits perfectly for family commutes or personal trips. The Cla 180 Mt trim edition is dedicated to those who crave a portion of luxury coupled with performance. The wagon car body type enhances the overall look of the vehicle and makes it a perfect choice for a family car or mini SUV. Being a five-seater, it provides adequate space for comfortable seating and a higher degree of convenience.

Digging deeper into the technicalities, the Cla-Class C117 is equipped with a gasoline engine that attributes direct injection. The power assembly lists an Inline style cylinder layout with four cylinders, each having four valves. The engine breathes life through turbo boost, pumping adrenaline with a maximum torque turnover at 4000rpm. The engine’s power is marked at a decent 122HP at 5000rpm which gives it a strong presence on the road. Further enhancing the powertrain, this iteration of the Mercedes-Benz Cla-Class is front-wheel drive, facilitating better handling and stability.

The specification of this vehicle continues to impress with a six gear manual transmission. For those who enjoy an engaging drive, the manual transmission provides a fantastic driving experience. Additionally, the fuel tank capacity is 13 gallons, allowing for fewer refueling stops on longer journeys. The acceleration figures are quite impressive, with a 0 to 60 mph time of 15 seconds and a top speed of 131 mph. The required fuel grade is 95, promising efficient combustion and better engine performance. Lastly, the back suspension system is an independent, multi-wishbone type, ensuring for a stable ride in variable road conditions.

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