The Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210/S210 is a quintessential example of German automobile excellence. Specifically, the model produced between 1995 to 1999 celebrates the sheer joy of driving via its four-door sedan. The E 300 Td 5G-Tronic trim stands testimony to this fact. With space for five occupants and the elegant design language that Mercedes-Benz is known for, the car unequivocally represents class and performance. Let’s delve a bit deeper into what sets this iconic model a cut above the rest.

Under the hood, the E 300 Td 5G-Tronic features a diesel engine with multi-point fuel injection system. This powertrain is designed around an inline cylinder layout with six cylinders. Internally, it incorporates 4 valves per cylinder and a turbo boost type. Each of the cylinders has a bore of 3.393 inches and goes through a stroke cycle of 3.276mm. At a maximum turnover of 4400 rpm, the engine holds a capacity of 0.105802168 cubic feet. This engine configuration enables the car to cruise smoothly and efficiently, delivering an engine horsepower of 177 at 4400 rpm.

The E 300 Td 5G-Tronic adopts a rear-wheel drive system that responds rapidly to the driver’s command. Its automatic transmission coupled with a five-speed gearbox ensures smooth gear shifts and an engaging driving experience. The vehicle also boasts of a reliable fuel tank capacity of around 17 gallons. With an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 14 seconds and a maximum speed of 137 mph, the car lives up to the expectations of motorists who seek an exhilarating drive. The E 300 Td 5G-Tronic uses diesel-grade fuel and features a multi-wishbone, dampers, and spring-type back suspension, ensuring both robust performance and comfortable handling. With its immaculate design, unmatched performance, and enhanced driver experience, the E 300 Td 5G-Tronic stands tall as a testament to Mercedes-Benz’s legacy of automotive innovation.

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