The Mercedes-Benz S-Class justifies its place as one of the most influential and sophisticated vehicles ever manufactured by the renown German automaker. The mentioned model, from the W140 generation, underwent a significant redesign during the years 1995 to 1998. This series was a sedan, adding to the opulence of the family of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Moreover, this variant was finished with a 2.8 Mt Trim, providing a luxurious and stylish ambiance.

Under the hood, the car boasted an inline sixmercedes-benz-g-class-w460-w461-1979-1992/” title=”Mercedes-Benz G-Class W460, W461 (1979 – 1992)”>-cylinder petrol engine. With a distributed injection (multipoint) system, this vehicle attained an impressive level of efficiency. The engine had a 2.8-litre capacity, with each of its cylinders having 4 valves allowing for compelling performance. The inner workings of the engine included a cylinder bore of 3.471 inches and a stroke cycle of 2.847 mm, which were chiefly responsible for producing a maximum power of 190.42484 horsepower. This was reached at 3750 rpm, proof of its impressive performance. The engine placement was front longitudinal, augmenting vehicle stability and weight distribution.

In terms of performance, this Mercedes-Benz S-Class model was armed with a manual transmission and rear wheel drive system. It has a total of 5 gears, enhancing its handling and driving experience. The car could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 17 seconds, and touted a top speed of 134 mph. Fuel efficiency was not compromised, with a tank capacity of 26 gallons for the 95-grade fuel. The car hosted independent, spring type back suspensions, ensuring a smooth journey for its 5 occupants. Originating from Germany, the car was equipped with 4 doors catering the needs of the F-class car clientele. With the perfect assimilation of modern technology and luxurious comfort, it truly stood the test of time as an iconic marque of Mercedes-Benz.

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