In the world of grand touring, the Mercedes-Benz Sl-Class R230 2nd Redesign thrives as a testament to the brand’s opulent allure. The SL 350 7G-Tronic, precisely engineered between the years 2008 and 2011, embodies the unique blend of luxury and performance that has characterized Mercedes-Benz for generations. Reflecting the impeccable German engineering, it boasts an elegant roadster body type with luxurious seating for four, delivering an ideal combination of style and comfort. At its heart lies a powerful gasoline engine, offering a thrilling yet smooth ride.

The SL 350 7G-Tronic sees a V-type cylinder layout, housing six cylinders in total. With four valves per cylinder, there’s a remarkable efficiency in combustion providing the car with unmatched responsiveness and agility. Its Multi-Point Fuel Injection system optimizes the fuel-air mixture, not only enhancing the fuel efficiency but also minimizing the emissions, thus upholding the reputation of Mercedes-Benz for delivering power in consonance with environmental responsibility.

The SL 350 7G-Tronic doesn’t compromise on performance with its formidable engine generating a power of 315 Horsepower at 6500 rpm. Paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission, the roadster guarantees effortless shifts and uncompromised trajectory. The Rear Wheel Drive reinforces the car’s driving dynamics, ensuring exceptional stability at the car’s maximum speed of 155 mph. To further boost its impressive performance, the acceleration time from 0 to 60 mph stands at 10 seconds, hinting at the model’s sporty temperament amidst a luxurious guise.

The SL 350 7G-Tronic implements an independent, multi-wishbone, helical springs mechanism for its back suspension. This design significantly enhances the car’s handling by maintaining tire vertical alignment, therefore providing excellent ride quality and performance. In terms of fuel capacity, it entails a tank capacity of 21 gallons allowing for extended cruises. Furthermore, a mandatory fuel grade of 95 is recommended ensuring the engine’s longevity and maintaining optimal performance.

In essence, the Mercedes-Benz Sl-Class R230 2nd Redesign SL 350 7G-Tronic remains to be an impressive vehicle. Whether it’s the roadster’s style, the powerful V6 engine, or the impressive transmission and suspension systems, every aspect contributes to a driving experience that’s signature to Mercedes-Benz. This iteration of the Sl-class underlines the brand’s pursuit of delivering high-end luxury without compromising performance, flawlessly echoing the principals laid out at the Mercedes-Benz outset.

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