The Mercedes-Benz E-Class sits at a paramount position when recounting a slice of the automotive world’s grandeur and elegance, specifically during the magical spell of the late ’80s and early ’90s. As an iconic specimen from this time frame, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124 model (1987-1993), particularly the wagon trim, 250 Td AT, captured the heart of luxury lovers worldwide. Marking a fascinating era of redesign, this model transformed the classical wagon body type into an absolute masterpiece. Housing five comfortably plush seats, the W124 wagon was an enticing blend of practicality and luxury that was hard to overlook.

Underneath the sleek and stylish exterior, the Mercedes-Benz W124 250 Td AT wagon was powered by a robust diesel engine, injecting a fresh burst of energy into the marque’s stellar reputation. Designed with a multi-point fuel injection, the inline arrangement of the five cylinders and two valves per cylinder ensured smooth and efficient engine functionality. The turbo boost type and the exceptional cylinder measurements – 3.393 inches in bore and a stroke cycle of 3.276mm – only heightened its desirability. Further stirring the pot of power was the ability to deliver maximum torque at a turnover of 2800 RPM and an engine horsepower of 126 at 4600 RPM.

One of the defining features that set the W124 250 Td AT apart was its impressive rear-wheel drive, complemented with a smooth automatic transition having 4 gears. This setup offered phenomenal drivability and seamless power transmission from the engine to the wheels, which was a class-apart during its time. While the fuel tank capacity stood at 19 gallons, meaning long, uninterrupted journeys, the wagon could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 21 seconds, while hitting maximum speeds of up to 115 mph. Contributing to the W124’s smooth and stable ride was the back suspension featuring independent multi-wishbone architecture, commonly found in racing cars, and a stabilizer bar. Above all, this Mercedes-Benz marvel affirmed its allegiance to a supreme pedigree of performance, comfort and timeless elegance.

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