The Mercedes-Benz W124, which aired from 1984 to 1994, stands as a testament to the genius of German engineering at its finest. Renowned globally for its robust design and enduring performance, this car indeed is a symbol of refined craftsmanship. The model under review is the W124 1st Generation, a beautiful wagon with five doors and space for five occupants, that was predominantly made available with a charming 2.3 MT trim.

Embedded within this marvel of a machine is the engine, gasoline-driven and aligned longitudinally in the front. The inline configuration of four cylinders, each with two valves, is one of the unique aspects of this vehicle. The cylinders have a bore width of 3.705 inches and operate on a stroke cycle of 3.12 mm, contributing to its solid performance. Moreover, this W124 model operates without a boost, which is not something many cars can boast about. An outstanding feature of this powerful engine is its multi-point fuel injection system that optimizes fuel consumption, rendering unparalleled efficiency.

On the performance front, the W124 Mercedes-Benz doesn’t disappoint. The engine churns out a force of 132 horsepower at 3500 RPM and a maximum power of approximately 130hp, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience. To add to the thrill, the establishment facilitated this model with rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission system, emphasizing, even more, control and engagement for the driver. Despite its high power, the car has an impressive fuel efficiency, thanks to its 18 gallon fuel tank that requires 95-grade fuel. The car also houses an independent, spring back suspension to ensure smooth driveability.

Designed and assembled in Germany, this Mercedes-Benz W124 5-door wagon with 14 inch wheels is a remarkable blend of practicality and luxury, embodying the E-Class’s reputation for excellence. Its swift acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 18 seconds conveys its capability and reliability, living up to the trusted reputation of Mercedes-Benz. Thus, whether for city driving or heading for a weekend getaway, the Mercedes Benz W124 continues to be an iconic choice for many car enthusiasts.

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