The Mercedes-Benz W124 Sedan is a classic German car that combines durability and elegance. Manufactured between 1984 and 1994, this first-generation model is equipped with a 3.0 mt 4wd trim, showcasing the innovative approach of Mercedes-Benz during those years. The W124 is a sedan series from the highly reputable E-Class, casting a distinctive silhouette on the road, with its 4-door layout, seating for five persons, and the robust nature of full drive wheels.

Powered by a diesel engine, the vehicle expands on the manufacturer’s century-old tradition of combining luxury and performance. With a maximum power of 107.2816 horsepower, it embodies strength and reliability – testaments to Mercedes-Benz’s long-standing commitment to fine engineering. This beast of a vehicle engages power smoothly through a 5-speed manual transmission, one that defies its years, offering the driver a pleasant and engaging time behind the wheel. In terms of timing, the W124 hits a top speed of 116 mph and covers 0 to 60 mph in a respectable 24 seconds, numbers that were extremely impressive for its generation.

No discussion about Mercedes-Benz W124 would be complete without talking about its practical aspects. It upholds the brand’s principle of designing the driver’s and the passenger’s experience, offering an incredibly spacious interior with a capacity of 0.105802168 cubic feet. The fuel tank holds up to 18 gallons of diesel fuel, so for longer trips, the W124 will get you where you’re going with fewer stops along the way. Utilizing full drive wheels makes it a comfortable and safe vehicle for all-season driving with increased traction on the road. To make your ride even smoother, it employs independent, spring back suspension. Built in Germany, this car is a perfect blend of form and function, a masterpiece from Mercedes-Benz that still resonates today.

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