Born into the distinguished lineage of Mercedes-Benz, the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is a testament to the brand’s authenticity, class, and sense of timeless style. The model focused on here is a delight, the emblematic CLA250 7G-DCT Shooting Brake Wagon – a tradition remodelled with a sleek redesign for the years 2016 to 2020. Boasting 5-doors and seating for 5, this wagon showcases a perfect fusion of performance, functionality, and luxury.

Under the hood of the CLA 250 7G-DCT nestles a robust gasoline engine beckoning with an impressive 211 HP at 5500 RPM. As the engine purrs to life, the direct injection system makes sure each of the four inline cylinders receives an accurately measured fuel-air mixture, impeccably maximizing efficiency while minimizing waste. Further enhancing the engine’s prowess is a turbo boost, adding that extra kick of power and acceleration. You find yourself achieving 0 – 60 mph in a swift 11 seconds and reaching a top speed of 149 mph. What’s more, the engine’s maximum torque turns over at 4000 RPM, ever ready to deliver robust power whenever you demand it.

The drive is sheer exhilaration, adorned with front wheel drive and a smooth-shifting 7-gear transmission system robotically controlled for precision and responsiveness. With a mercedes-benz-e-class-w123-1975-1986-aicontent/” title=”[aicontent] Write this as a title "Mercedes-Benz E-Class W123 (1975 – 1986)"[/aicontent]”>fuel tank capacity of 13 gallons, refuels are infrequent, giving you the freedom to keep going. The CLA 250 7G-DCT also takes full advantage of fuel grade 95, ensuring peak engine performance and cleaner emissions. Feel every turn, every bend, each linear stretch through the independent, multi-wishbone rear suspension system, offering the supple driving experience that only a Mercedes-Benz can provide. In all, the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class CLA 250 7G-DCT serves to symbolize an ideal blend of stylish design, superior engine performance, and a ride that is beyond compare. Take a drive in one today and experience the difference Mercedes-Benz brings.

By Robert

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