Mercedes-Benz, an emblem of luxury and performance, dropped jaws across the car-enthusiast community when they unveiled the E-Class W211/S211 model in 2006. Part of the much-acclaimed sedan class, the E 220 CDI AT was a redesigned version that spanned production years from 2006 through 2009. Beyond its visually appealing four-door sedan body style and its capacity to comfortably accommodate five passengers, the car houses an array of features and specifications that stayed unparalleled within its contemporaries.

The E 220 CDI AT’s core comprised a diesel-powered Inline engine configuration, with four cylinders aligned for optimized performance. This commendably engineered drivetrain boasts a Common Rail injection type which is crucial for the reduction of emission and enhancement of fuel efficiency. Each of these four cylinders houses four valves mastered for effective fuel combustion. With a bore of 3.432 inches, and achieved a peak of its torque output at 2000 RPM. Catering to its Turbo boosting needs is an intercooler, increasing the engine’s efficiency by cooling down the excess heat produced during the turbocharging process. Powering the drivetrain is 170 horsepower achieved at 3800 RPM, offering a vivid blend of power and elegance.

Aside from its stunning engine capabilities, the car provides an mercedes-benz-c-class-w203-s203-cl203-2000-2004/” title=”Mercedes-Benz C-Class W203/S203/CL203 (2000 – 2004)”>exhilarating driving experience with its rear-wheel-drive layout and an automatic transmission system consisting of five gears. Even the fuel tank manifests the brand’s ethos of superior design with a 17-gallon fuel capacity, allowing for longer intervals between refuels. Thus, sustaining its power, the vehicle achieves 0-60 M/H in a mere 14 seconds, reaching a top speed of 140 MPH. Lastly, enhancing its overall ride quality is a meticulously structured back suspension, which features a complex blend of multi-wishbone dampers and springs, ensuring smooth and stable drives no matter the road condition. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 220 CDI AT undeniably reflects the brand’s commitment to technological innovation, performance, and luxury.

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