The Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDi MT was a remarkable car in its generation, belonging to the W204/S204/C204 series and introduced to the market between 2011 to 2015. As a top model in the distinguished Mercedes-Benz C-Class, it epitomizes superiority, offering not just plush comfort but also superb driving dynamics, thanks to its fine balance of power and refinement. It is equipped with a four-cylinder inline Diesel engine with a Common Rail injection type, building up to 170 HP at the top, turning at 4200 rpm. The trim further includes a dual turbocharger for a superior power boost, enhancing the driving experience while maintaining fuel efficiency.

The C 220 CDi MT’s composition bears the signature of German innovation. The sedan comfortably seats five, with a manual transmission complementing the driver’s control over the vehicle’s six gears. The rear-wheel-drive setup provides excellent handling capabilities essential for a sporty and enjoyable driving experience. The car’s acceleration from 0 to 60 mph stands at 14 seconds, with a top speed of 144 mph, signifying the vehicle’s capacity to deliver fast yet smooth drives. The sedan’s fuel capacity of 16 gallons underscores its long-distance capabilities, making it the perfect choice for those lengthy road trips.

One of the distinguishing features of the Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDi MT sedan’s excellent handling is its back suspension comprising an independent, multi-wishbone setup with a stabilizer bar and spring. Such a configuration has always been preferred for its superior cornering abilities, aiding the vehicle’s overall performance. As a further testament to its powertrain’s remarkable capacity, the presence of an intercooler is notable, ensuring that the twin-turbocharger setup performs optimally over a wide range of operational parameters. The attention to fine detail and pursuit of driving excellence places the Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDi MT sedan from the C-Class generations among the finest vehicles produced under the brand.

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