The Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463 is a veritable work of art and machinery that positions itself firmly in the realm of luxury SUVs. The car model, offered from the year 1990 through to 2008, came available in a five-door trim, equipped with an optional 2.5 MT 4WD variant, making it a mean but sophisticated machine on diverse terrains. Despite fitting five to seven people comfortably, the car never sacrificed power, speed, or agility, as many larger vehicle models are prone to do. With a wheel size of R14:255/65/R16, the W463 presented a stable and sturdy grip on the road, giving drivers the confidence of superior control.

Under the hood, the G-Class W463 was all strength and stability. With a front, longitudinal engine placement, its inline cylinder layout encompassed five cylinders operating efficiently on diesel. Each cylinder comes equipped with two valves, maximizing the efficiency of combustion for optimum performance. The car’s power peaked at a robust 92.53038 horsepower, supported by the 3.393-inch cylinder bore and 3.276 mm stroke cycle, providing a solid foundation for smooth and reliable operation. To aid its performance, the engine of this machine ran at full capacity at 4600 rpm.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463 is not all about power; it also excels in the field of speed and acceleration. With a full drive wheel system and five gears in its manual transmission, it could achieve a maximum speed of 78 mph. The car took 45 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, implying a rapid response for drivers requiring a quick getaway or seamless overtaking. Moreover, despite its size and power, the SUV was unexpectedly fuel-efficient, thanks to its sizable fuel tank capacity of 25 gallons. Lastly, complements to its independent, spring back suspension, the driving experience was made even smoother, epitomizing the prime German engineering, luxury and durability this car model has offered to the auto market over the years.

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