Welcome to an in-depth look at one of Mercedes-Benz’s unique vehicular entries: The Mercedes-Benz Vito. On its third generation, W639, which spanned from 2010 to 2015, this model experienced a significant redesign that allowed it to stand out amongst its peers in the minivan class. Featured as a 4-door series, it was available in different configurations with seating options for 7 or 9 occupants, making it a versatile option for large families, private business use or transport services. Available in a variety of trims, this piece will take a closer look at the 110 Cdi Blueefficiency Mt Compact, a minivan that married style, comfort and efficiency.

The engine that powered this variant of the Vito was a diesel engine, with a common rail injection type. Although the common rail system might seem more complex, it brings with it several advantages, the most important being fuel efficiency and decreased emission levels. The engine was inline, meaning the four cylinders were positioned in a straight line. Each cylinder was outfitted with 4 valves – an optimum design as it increases engine performance by allowing a higher volume of air to enter the combustion chamber. The engine had a turnover of maximum torque rpm at 2400, and with the presence of an intercooler, the Vito’s engine was engineered to optimize performance by cooling down the air compressed by the turbo, which increased the air density before it enters the engine.

The engine power was rated at 95hp, achievable at 3800 rpm. To its advantage, the Vito was equipped with a rear-wheel drive, a design that naturally provides excellent balance and weight distribution. Coupled with a manual transmission system of six gears, drivers had more control over the vehicle’s performance. The fuel tank capacity stood at 22 gallons and given its fuel-grade diesel, this minivan delivered a more cost-effective solution for distance driving. Meanwhile, the back suspension was independent, featuring a multi wishbone design. This type of suspension design offers better handling and ride comfort as it reduces body roll when cornering and absorbs road shocks more effectively.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito W639 represents a harmonious blend of practicality, performance, comfort and style. It is no surprise that this was a mainstay offering for Mercedes-Benz and continues to be popular in the used car market. Its efficiency and versatility made it a reliable choice for passengers and drivers alike.

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