Mercedes-Benz is a name that’s synonymous with luxury, precision, and power, and no vehicle embodies those values more than the GL-Class Grand Edition five-door SUV. Produced from 2009 to 2012, this vehicle had a unique blend of powerful performance, a comfortable ride, and practicality, proving that SUVs could be much more than merely functional vehicles. At the heart of this generation, designated X164, was the Mercedes GL 350 CDI BlueTEC 7G-Tronic 4Matic crossover trim, a car that could comfortably seat five while providing enough pulling power for all demands.

One defining feature of the GL 350 CDI BlueTEC 7G-Tronic 4Matic was its engine. The car was powered by a V-Type, Common Rail Injection Type diesel engine with six cylinders. This diesel power plant featured a cylinder bore of 3.237 inches and a stroke cycle of 3.588mm, which allowed it to produce precisely 211 horsepower at 3400 RPM. You could hear the engine’s low-frequency growl as it woke to life, treasuring every foot-pound of torque it served up at a maximum of 2400 RPM. Coupled with the engine was the seven-speed automatic transmission, which smoothly delivered power to the wheels. This reassuringly robust power plant provided incredible towing capability and impressive on and off-road performance.

Cruising at top speeds of 131 mph, the GL 350 CDI BlueTEC 7G-Tronic 4Matic was designed to be just as comfortable on the highways as it was on the back roads. Its independent pneumatic, multi-wishbone rear suspension with dampers ensured a plush ride, no matter the surface. It kept even the roughest roads feeling like fresh asphalt, while its acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 15 seconds gave an adrenaline rush that’s virtually unbeatable. Furthermore, despite the muscular performance, this trim managed a respectable fuel tank capacity of 26 gallons while running on diesel fuel.

From the GL 350 CDI BlueTEC 7G-Tronic 4Matic’s strong and efficient diesel engine to its superb road handling, Mercedes-Benz presented an SUV that stood for premium luxury and top-class performance in the X164 generation. Although the model ceased production in 2012, the marks it left within the motoring world are undeniable. Recognizing the GL 350 CDI BlueTEC 7G-Tronic 4Matic means enjoying the refined mixture of strength, stark efficiency, and supreme comfort, serving as a fitting tribute to the Mercedes-Benz legacy.

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