The Mercedes-Benz A-Class (W168) is a coveted model designed with undeniable sophistication and features epitomizing classic German engineering. For anyone seeking a compact, powerful, and reliable hatchback, the A-Class W168 is a wise choice. Production of this variant started in 2001 and ceased in 2004, with this model being a standout representative of Mercedes-Benz’s A-Class series which is well known for its dynamic and versatile lineup of vehicles. This hatchback model flaunts a 5-door body type, making it a fantastic option for families or individuals with a preference for spacious interiors that do not compromise the sleek external aesthetics.

Digging under the hood, the model houses a 1.7 Mt diesel engine exemplifying robust performance and remarkable fuel efficiency. Specially constructed with an inline configuration, the engine comprises 4 cylinders, each having 4 valves, altogether generating a power of 95 Hp at a revolution of 1600 RPM. Boosted by turbo, the engine has a bore size of 3.12 in with a stroke cycle of 3.276 mm, ensuring an impressive turnover of maximum torque. Located in the front with a cross-section, the engine also promotes the vehicle’s balance and handling, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Externally, the Benz A-Class W168 redesign comes with a set of front-wheel drive and is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission that provides smooth and responsive gear shifts. An admirable feature in the W168 redesign is its independent, spring-based back suspension, assuring comfortable and stable rides even on rough terrains. With a fuel tank capacity of 14 gallons and an acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 20 seconds, the car manifests a competent performance. Despite its compact size, the vehicle does not skimp on comfort levels, offering seating capacity for 5 passengers. Manufactured in Germany, the home land of Mercedes-Benz, this model has a distinct and noteworthy luxury car pedigree. The wheel size R14:195/50/R15 underlines the sterling design elements Mercedes-Benz always delivers.

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