The Mercedes-Benz W123, also known with its trim 2.8 At, settled the main standard for designing, luxury, and durability during its tenure from 1975 to 1985. This model, a 5-door wagon maneuvered with an automatic transmission, boasts a commendable array of attributes. It features six inline petrol-fueled cylinders, achieving a cylinder bore of 3.354 inches and a stroke cycle of 3.042. Its robustly constructed engine, located at the front and oriented longitudinally, was a joy of mechanical brilliance, a certainty assured by the German carmaker’s famous knack for precision and top-flight engineering.

This 1st generation model came fitted with a distributed multipoint injection system, enhancing the fuel delivery for optimized performance. Its engine pushed out a fastidious 185 HP at 5800 RPM, a power that was reflected in a top speed of 121 mph. The four-wheeled, rear-wheel drive emitted a maximum horsepower of 182.37872, turned over at 4500 RPM. Remarkably, it accomplished 0-60 mph acceleration within 17 seconds, an impressive feat considering the period. The Mercedes-Benz W123 carried a significant fuel tank with a capacity of approximately 17 gallons, keeping it satiated on long drives, while adhering to a fuel grade of 95.

This W123 model was thus rightly lined up in Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class of vehicles. The consistency in performance of this car could also be attributed to the dependable independent spring back suspension that it was engineered with. With seats providing room for 5 people, it offered a decent capacity of 0.096973549 cubic feet. Its trim 2.8 At came fitted with 195/70/R14 wheel size, hinting towards the car’s excellent ground stability and performance. Trusting the affordability of its fans, Mercedes-Benz cars were and are still the tantalizing choice of car enthusiasts, especially when it comes in the package of an illustrious W123 5-door wagon hatchback fully encapsulating the German automobile craftsmanship.

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