The Mercedes-Benz GLE, specifically the second generation (V167) model, is an exceptional piece of German engineering. Produced from 2018 to 2020, this SUV showcases a remarkable blend of power, style, and advanced technology. Arriving as a promising segment in the five-door SUV series, the GLE is trimmed with a 2.9 AT 4WD. This series features seating for five or seven, ideal for families or anyone in need of versatility and ample interior space.

Under the hood, the GLE houses a diesel engine aligned in an inline fashion that packs an impressive punch. It boasts six cylinders, each with four valves, and uses a turbine for the boost type. The engine’s unique characteristics include a bore of 3.198 inches and a stroke cycle of 3.588 mm. The result of this configuration is a remarkable balance of fuel efficiency and power. The engine, situated in a front longitudinal placement, produces an engine horsepower of 272 at 3400 rpm and a maximum power of 268.204 HP. This contributes to the driving force of this full-drive wheel car that makes it a desirable selection for those who value performance.

More than just performance, the Mercedes-Benz GLE V167 Series showcases exceptional drivability. Housing a 17 gallon fuel tank, and running on diesel fuel, it promises smooth and economical long-distance journeys. The automatic transmission with its nine gears ensures a seamless and responsive driving experience. Further enhancing its performance are both its acceleration, going from a standstill to 60 mph in merely 11 seconds, and its impressive max speed of 143 mph. The back suspension is independent and spring-loaded, ensuring a smooth ride even on the most rugged of terrains. This SUV truly reflects the impeccable standard of its class and shows how Mercedes-Benz continues to uphold its reputation for producing high-quality vehicles that perfectly balance comfort, functionality, and strength.

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