The Mercedes-Benz C350 4Matic 7G-Tronic from the W204/S204 generation, produced between 2007 and 2012, is an embodiment of German engineering craftsmanship. This exquisite sedan prides itself on sleek design, superior performance, and technical sophistication. Its noticeable features include multi-point fuel injection that ensures precise metering of fuel to the engine, contributing to its efficiency. In addition, the sedan is powered by a V-type sixmercedes-benz-e-class-w123-1975-1986-aicontent/” title=”[aicontent] Write this as a title "Mercedes-Benz E-Class W123 (1975 – 1986)"[/aicontent]”>-cylinder gasoline engine, with each cylinder hosting four valves, unfolding a seamless balance between efficiency and power.

The C350 4Matic counts on an impressive engine power of 272 horsepower at 6000 RPM. The design concept of this sedan keeps in mind that a car is not just about speed, but also about control and balance on different terrains. Therefore, this car is equipped with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system. This robust engine and an efficient drive system can execute a swift 0-60 mph sprint in 10 seconds while reaching a commendable top speed of 155 mph.

Interestingly, the sedan demonstrates its subtlety and refinement in many aspects, including its transmission system. The automatic transmission with seven gears optimizes driving comfort, reduces fuel consumption, and boosts overall performance. Mercedes also factored in fuel efficiency with a fuel tank with a capacity of 17 gallons that comfortably runs this beast on grade 95 fuel. The vehicle displays a fantastic suspension system; at the back, it sports an independent, multi-wishbone spring, and stabilizer bar, ensuring a smooth, bump-free driving experience. Altogether, the C350 4Matic is a unique combination of luxury, comfort, and power. It is a clear testament to why Mercedes-Benz has always been a benchmark in the automobile industry.

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