When exploring the lineage of Mercedes-Benz automobiles, the iconic W124 wagon stands out. Produced from 1984 to 1994, this first-generation model symbolized the commitment of Mercedes-Benz to elegance and performance. The unmissable feature of this car is its mercedes-benz-w123-an-in-depth-look-at-the-iconic-5-door-wagon-with-a-turbo-diesel-inline-5-cylinder-engine-and-manual-transmission/” title=”Exploring the Classic 1975-1985 Mercedes-Benz W123: An In-depth Look at the Iconic 5-Door Wagon with a Turbo Diesel Inline 5-Cylinder Engine and Manual Transmission”>5-door wagon design, an attribute that not only enhances its look but also adds practicality and functionality. This feature ensures that the Mercedes-Benz W124, even though a classic, continues to be a preferred choice for enthusiasts who crave space, classic design, and practicality.

This version of the W124 bears 2.2 AT trim and comes powered by a gasoline engine. The vehicle provides a robustness that stands the test of time, credited to its front, longitudinal engine placement. It is engineered to deliver an impressive maximum horsepower of 147.5122, further enhanced to 150 by the engine. The absence of an additional boosting feature does not compromise its performance or reliability. A rear-wheel drive enlivens the driving experience, making it dynamic, sturdy, and lively on the road. Opulent in its design and majestic in its performance, the W124 measures up to the E-class standards.

The drivability and road performance of this wagon are notable. It features an automatic transmission mated to a 4-gear system. Despite an acceleration figure not known, the car delivers a remarkable efficient transition from rest, powered by an 18-gallon fuel tank capacity and a comfortable fuel grade of 95. The remarkable back suspension system, independent, spring contributes to the overall stable handling and ride comfort of the W124. A five-seater capacity and five-doors add a practical convenience that matches the dynamic performance of this legacy wagon. The Mercedes-Benz W124 2.2 AT, born in Germany, embodies an era of classic design celebrated even today.

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