When looking at the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the 1987-1993 series stands out as a shining beacon of the brand’s commitment to quality and engineering excellence. The model in focus, the E 200 MT, represents a substantial redesign from previous generations. This salient product of the Mercedes line offered distinctive features including Multi-Point Fuel Injection and rear-wheel drive, equating to a sturdy and reliable handling experience. Launched under the Coupe series, the sleek design was only part of this vehicle’s charm. Inside, it comfortably seated 4 people and boasted a fuel tank capacity of 18 gallons, meaning fewer pit stops and more continuous, enjoyable drive time.

Under the hood, this crowd-pleaser was equipped with a gasoline-powered inline engine with 4 cylinders. Each of its cylinders contained 4 valves, optimizing the vehicle’s efficiency and power output. At peak productivity, the engine could reach an impressive 5500 RPM, offering 136 horsepower and a maximum torque turnover at 4000 RPM. The engine’s bore measured 3.471 inches in diameter, while the stroke cycle was recorded at 3.042 mm. These specifications promised a smooth and powerful performance, both for the city streets and open highways. A 5-speed manual transmission was standard in the E 200 MT, adding depth to driver engagement and control.

Performance aside, the E 200 MT prided itself in speed and acceleration capabilities. Even with its grandeur and elegance, it could achieve a speed of 60 mph from a standing start in just 19 seconds. The top speed was a commendable 124 mph, marking it as a powerful contender in the E-Class range. Additionally, back suspension came in form of an independent, multi wishbone, stabilizer bar adding further stability and control to this vehicle’s ride. An important note on fuel; the E 200 MT was specified for 92-grade fuel to maintain optimal functioning of the engine. Even as the E-Class continued to evolve over the years, the 1987-1993 E 200 MT coupe remains a captivating epitome of the brand’s devotion to performance and style.

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