The Mercedes-Benz W124 1st Generation (1984-1994) is one of the most well-respected models of the luxurious German automaker. Renowned for its solid build quality and true welding of top-of-the-line innovation, the W124 in the 5-door wagon configuration offers a perfect blend of luxurious comfort and practicality. It’s an E-Class model, characterized by its use of advanced technology and high-performing attributes. Made in Germany, it holds a global reputation for its precision engineering distinctive aesthetics and a sense of unequaled grandeur.

Driving this 5-seater beast is an automatic transmission paired with a rear-wheel drive. This layout offers a well-balanced weight distribution, improving the cars handling characteristics and providing an engaging drive experience. The W124 wagon is powered by a gasoline type, longitudinally placed front engine equipped with a carburetor. The engine consists of an inline configuration with four cylinders and two valves per cylinder, an arrangement that enhances the overall engine efficiency and delivers 109 horsepower at 3000 RPM. Despite its power-packed performance, the W124 doesn’t compromise on fuel capacity, sporting an 18G fuel tank that ensures the vehicle can cover substantial distances before the need to refuel.

Underneath its distinct bodywork, the W124 wagon prides itself on its unique, sophisticated design and structural features. The vehicle comes with an independent and springy back suspension, which guarantees a smooth and stable ride, no matter what the terrain. The ruggedness of this suspension system is well-balanced with the luxurious comfort Mercedes-Benz is known for, making it an excellent option for both off-road adventures and city cruising. Moreover, the car’s trim 2.0 At, combined with its maximum torque turnover of 3000 RPM, makes for an exhilarating driving experience, marked by rapid acceleration and smooth gear transitions, thanks to its four-gear transmission.

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