The mid-to-late 90s was a period of innovation and refinement for many renowned automakers, and Mercedes-Benz was no exception. Among the many ground-breaking models introduced during this period, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210, ranging from 1995 to 1999, was certainly one that caught the attention of mercedes-benz-cl-class-s140-1996-1998/” title=”Mercedes-Benz CL-Class S140 (1996 – 1998)”>car enthusiasts worldwide. Defined by its quintessential Mercedes aesthetics, innovative features, and renowned performance, the W210 E-Class was, and still is, an embodiment of the brand’s dedication to uncompromising luxury and unprecedented automotive craftsmanship.

The 2.2 MT trim of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 series is a particular highlight of this generation. Manufactured as a Sedan, it bears the hallmark of Mercedes’s commitment to providing distinguished design, comfort, and practicality in one package. Every detail reflects thoughtful design and purpose, from its sleek shape to the emblematic Mercedes-Benz star proudly displayed on its hood. This model represented the pinnacle of auto industry design in the mid-90s, blending the reliable robustness of Mercedes vehicles with an elegant design that is still admired today.

The W210 E-Class was built during an era when Mercedes-Benz was known globally for its meticulous attention to detail and its unyielding commitment to producing vehicles of the highest quality. While detailed mechanical specifications of the E-Class W210 2.2 MT model from 1995 to 1999 remain scarce, the reputation of excellence that Mercedes-Benz upholds continues to speak highly of the potential performance it would offer. The elegance and dominance of the W210 E-Class in the mid to late-90s automotive market, continues to be a testament to Mercedes-Benz’s dedication to refining which resulted in a marvel of a vehicle.

To conclude, while the specific performance and technical specifications for this period of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 2.2 MT are not in the public domain, there’s no denying the vehicle’s evident aesthetic appeal, resilient design, and promise of a first-rate driving experience. The masterful engineering evident in the model’s design and elegance makes it a beautiful testament to Mercedes-Benz’s continued tradition of creating high-quality, luxurious vehicles for discerning drivers worldwide. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 2.2 MT model has left an enduring legacy in the upper echelons of automotive history, an icon of an era when the pursuit of perfection was not just a goal but a well-accomplished standard.

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