The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a popular choice among luxury sedan enthusiasts. With its sleek design, powerful engine, and comfortable interior, it offers a truly enjoyable driving experience. In this article, we will delve into the specifications of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class C 250 Diesel At, a model that was produced between 1993 and 1997.

Car Make: Mercedes-Benz
Car Model: C-Class
Generation: W202/S202
Year From: 1993
Year To: 1997
Series: Sedan
Trim: C 250 Diesel At
Car Body Type: Sedan
Seats: 5

The Mercedes-Benz C 250 Diesel At is equipped with a multi-point fuel injection system, ensuring efficient fuel delivery to the engine. Its inline 5-cylinder diesel engine boasts 4 valves per cylinder, providing optimal performance and power. With a cylinder bore of 3.393 inches and a stroke cycle of 3.276 mm, this car delivers a smooth and responsive driving experience.

The engine of the C 250 Diesel At produces a maximum power of 113 horsepower at 5000 rpm. This power is transmitted to the rear wheels, making it a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The car is equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission, offering seamless gear shifts and effortless acceleration.

With a fuel tank capacity of 16 gallons, the C 250 Diesel At ensures that you can go the distance without frequent refueling stops. It runs on diesel fuel, which provides excellent fuel efficiency and is often preferred by those who travel long distances.

In terms of performance, the C 250 Diesel At accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 25 seconds, making it a suitable choice for those who prioritize comfort and smooth driving over speed. It has a maximum speed of 116 mph, allowing for a controlled and enjoyable driving experience on highways and open roads.

The suspension system of the C 250 Diesel At consists of an independent, multi-wishbone setup with springs and a stabilizer bar at the rear. This ensures a comfortable ride, absorbing bumps and uneven surfaces with ease.

While some specifications such as the wheel size, boost type, engine placement, bore-stroke ratio, car class, country of origin, and number of doors are unknown, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class C 250 Diesel At still offers a compelling package for luxury sedan enthusiasts. Its timeless design, powerful engine, and comfortable interior make it a worthy choice for those seeking a refined and enjoyable driving experience.

Please note that the specifications mentioned in this article are based on available information and may vary depending on the specific model and trim level.
Powerful 4-cylinder engine. The luxury sedan comes with standard features such as air conditioning, remote central locking, and power windows. The interior has comfortable seating and plenty of space for passengers. It offers a smooth and enjoyable ride thanks to its responsive braking system, and offers excellent fuel efficiency. This model is a popular choice among luxury sedan enthusiasts due to its sleek design, powerful engine, and comfortable interior. Provides an excellent combination of luxury, performance, and style. Offers great value for money, and provides an enjoyable driving experience.

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